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Here is my gallery! I hope you guys enjoy. :) Be sure to check my scraps section for older art and such.

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thanx! happy 4th of july!!! :)
Wed Jul 4, 2012, 2:25 PM
SHOUT!!!!! lol
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*sighs* Nobody's shouting. :(
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Hey man. What's going on
Thu Aug 23, 2007, 11:12 PM
You're lame.
Mon Jul 2, 2007, 6:32 PM
Well that's lame. o.O
Mon Jul 2, 2007, 4:23 PM
Hey howdy hey, folks! It's Eddie the Wolf here with yet another blog! This time I would like to talk about video games, just as the title says. lol

As many of you know by now that video games are my passion, and I've been playing them ever since the days of the Genesis and Super Nintendo. Seriously, those were the best years of gaming if you ask me. Anyway, I thought I'd share a few games that I've been playing recently. So here we go! :D


I don't know why, but I had a strange urge to want to play this game. I've had it in my possession since my last trip to Puerto Rico. It didn't really take me that long to finish it. True, I had a walkthrough on my laptop because I had a feeling that I would get frustrated with the game. Mostly because I don't feel that I'm that great with stealth games as the first Splinter Cell has shown me how trial and error can get to you. Still, I clocked in around 11 hours of game time, and I admit that that was pretty short as I had expected the game to last longer than that.

For those that don't know, The Twin Snakes is a revision of the original Metal Gear Solid on the PlayStation. If you were like me back when this came out, you were probably mislead to think that the game included both the first and second games. Although that isn't the case, The Twin Snakes does included gameplay features from Sons of Liberty that makes the experience worthwhile. Even though I completely missed out on the PlayStation original, I don't think I would have been able to have gone back to it after being spoiled by Metal Gear Solid 2's gameplay, particularly switching from overhead camera to first person mode. The latter is definitely handy when trying to look at your surroundings and when you are aiming at your enemies.

I enjoyed the game immensely especially with the amount of research that went into nuclear weapons along with the history behind nuclear warfare that this game surrounds itself with. I did my best to follow with what was going on as far as the main story went, but even then there were a few things that I was fuzzy about especially after reading up on the game's story via Wikipedia. Of course, I've been told that answers to some of my questions will come in later games, Guns of the Patriot in particular.

Still, I look forward to playing the other games in the series. :) Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty will be next followed by Snake Eater and Peace Walker, all on the HD Collection on the PS3. - 8.5/10


This is another game I recently finished just a few days after I completed The Twin Snakes. Unlike that game, I expected this one to be shorter considering that it's an indie-developed game, and it was short. However, this is one of those action games that made me think back on fun action games like Contra and Gunstar Heroes, in which it's easy to pick up and play yet hard to master. Hotline Miami executes that philosophy in a superb and bloody fun way. :)

Hotline Miami's top-down style reminded me of seeing clips of Smash TV, and that didn't bother me one bit surprisingly. I mean I had a feeling that I was in for a real treat when I first saw clips of this game with great reviews to back it up. Even though I died countless times, it was very rewarding as I progressed on with the game. The gameplay was what got me hooked throughout, and it made chuckle here and there with just how over-the-top the violence was.

The two major complaints I have is game's story and AI. The story is obviously not the focus even though it does get into that cerebral territory without taking itself seriously. As for the AI, it's not how tough they can be or how they seem to charge at you when you are out in the open. The game developers obviously made them to where you can figure out their movement patterns. The issue is mostly when the AI gets to where you are but suddenly seems to hesitate to attack you. I noticed this especially with the attack dogs when they charge at you, stand there and swivel around near your position, and then attack just when you think you are prepared to attack at that instance. At least that is what I experienced.

Other than that, Hotline Miami is quite the indie game that does the throwback retro theme rather well. If anything, the game's soundtrack will make you want to jam in your car while driving a city at night. - 8.5/10


It's yet another indie game! Man, it does seem like I am gravitating towards these games lately. lol This one was quite a surprise even after seeing a trailer of it on Steam. As the title implies, Game Dev Tycoon is a tycoon game in which you are the boss of your very own video game company. You start off in the PC revolution era as you work your way through 35 years of video game history.

At the beginning, you are given very few game topics to create your games from. As you work your way through the game, you'll discover what genre will work with what topics and what won't along with what target audience your game is geared for and what system the genre/topic/audience will sell well on. It's quite a deep tycoon game despite some of its limitations. As you progress through the years, your company will continue to grow as you hire new employees and develop your own game engine's to make better games.

I've yet to finish a full game of it as I keep starting over just to see if I could hit a certain spot with the topics given to make my company more successful. However, I've had help from a few sources on how to successfully go about the game while trying out a few things on my own. Game Dev Tycoon is definitely one of those rare games that you'll find yourself experimenting on what works and what doesn't while being sucked in by the game's simple yet slightly deep gameplay mechanics.

What I find fascinating is the liberties the developers took when making the game console artwork that almost resembles actual game consoles. If you get a chance to play it, you'll know what I mean.

It's not perfect by any means, and there is room for improvement considering that it's the developer's first game. Still, it'll be interesting to see if they do decide to make a sequel or an expansion to Game Dev Tycoon! - 7/10


Ah, Final Fantasy VI. Yes, Final Fantasy VI. Oh glorious, Final Fantasy VI! In case this isn't apparent, I'm actually having a blast with Final Fantasy VI. :) It's considered to be one of the best, if not the best, Final Fantasy game in the series, and I can see why just by its story and characters alone!

I did play this game a long time ago, but I never got around to finishing it. So I started over, and I am now in the World of Ruin part of the game with Celes and Sabin in my party. I did meet and help Terra out though, but I was bummed that she couldn't tag along after the boss fight. She is one of the coolest characters in the game, and one of the few female protagonists worth noting in any video game series. Another character worth noting is the game's main villain. Kefka. While many Final Fantasy fans may consider FF VII's Sephiroth to be the best, I'm putting my money on Kefka as one of the greatest villains ever created. Why? Well, you'll just have to play the game to find out. =P No really, he does what just about every video game villain fails to do and does it without ever lifting off of the acceleration.

Some of you guys are probably wondering why did I start over on this game considering that I had around 12 hours of game time logged in. For one thing, this is one of those games that if you put it off for a long period of time (six to seven years for me) you'll be lost with what's going on and where you need to go. Another reason is that I loved the game's opera scene, and I just wanted to experience it all over again. I have both a mini-guide from Nintendo Power plus a walkthrough from the Final Fantasy Worlds Apart website to help me get through the game without having to back track where I've been.

This is a game I know I'll have to focus on when there is some down time on my end and when the TV isn't being used by my roommate when playing on my PS3.


I recently picked up Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate on the PS3 and gave it a spin. The game's graphics do look gorgeous which is no surprise considering Team Ninja's emphasis on the technical aspect with their games. I did try out the tutorial just for kicks, and I plan to work on it some more when I find time to play it.

With Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel coming out, I do plan to finish Borderlands 2's main story before I get cracking on the DLC missions. I'll try to do that while working on Tales of Phantasia, but that game will come once Final Fantasy VI is out of the way.

Oh yeah, how about the Steam and GOG sales? I managed to pick up some games during the summer sale event. I think my slightly disappointed pick up was getting The Last Express on Steam and not on GOG. Why? Mostly because I had assumed that the Steam version would have the game's soundtrack included even though GOG listed it as a bonus when purchasing the game from their site. Seeing that Hotline Miami included their soundtrack in the game's folders, I figured the same would happen with The Last Express. Nope. So I may pick up the GOG version just for the soundtrack alone. lol Yeah, I'm quite the consumer. XD

And before I forget, I think Ubisoft had the best show of E3 followed by Sony's show. I choose Ubisoft because it had plenty of promising games shown off this year including Far Cry 4, Assassin's Creed: Unity, and Tom Clancy's The Division. If it weren't for Sony's hype kill in the middle of their presentation, I would have chosen them. I didn't get to delve into the coverage as much as I would have liked to thanks to work, but that's okay. I have too many games I need to get through to even get caught up, but I do my best to be in the know of the industry. :)

With that, I think this is a good stopping point. It's 4am as of this typing, and I need my sleep. lol

So tell me, any good games that you guys have been playing? :) If so, what are they and are they worth recommending?

I hope you guys are enjoying your summer! I'm looking forward to my week off from work soon.

Take care and thanks for reading!

Eddie the Wolf signing off!
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